DeLynn Kale Memorial Stickers


"In memory of long-time competitor DeLynn Kale, I'm making some stickers with the design pictured to place on vehicles for next season. I'm trying to figure out how many I'll need, they will be in the 3"x5"- 4"x6" range, and die cut around the oval shape. If you would like to place one, two or more on your vehicle next season, please e-mail me at b_jerew(at) or visit my website for more info at There will be a very small cost associated, but only to cover the production cost. Thanks, Brad Jerew, Wild Times Motorsports,"

NEW Tractor & Truck Builder!! **Tedder Pulling Performance**

We sell NEW "Banter designed" Gear-box/Cross-boxes, Stack boxes, Reversers, Couplers, Driveline, Driveline Shielding, Rearend hitch assemblies, Airplane Wheel Front End Assemblies and HUMPCO billett center sections.

Modified Tractor and TWD truck chassis builder
. Anything from chassis only to complete turn key pulling tractors.
Also building Supercharged Hemi and "Banter" Chevy pulling engines to your specifications.

We also have a Large quantity of good used Tractor Pulling Chassis, Tires, Parts and Components.

Consignment program: We advertise and sell your chassis, engines and parts.
Trade in program: Open to what you might have to trade. Just ask.
Payment / Lay away program: Make payments on our parts and services.

Everything we build, we learned from the greats: Jack Tedder, Ralph and Dave Banter

Scott Tedder
Tedder Pulling Performance
992 N. 1100 E. Marion,IN. 46952 765-517-1280

Video Bar...C'mon In and Have a Few

Jan. 9 The Tractor Pull, part 1The Tractor Pull, part 3The Tractor Pull, part 5 The Tractor Pull, 6th and final part NFMS Tractor Pull Tickets for sale: (2) Friday Night Feb 12 Tickets, Section 334, Row N. (2) Saturday Afternoon Feb 13 Tickets, Section 335, Row X. Asking $100 total for both Friday Night Tickets and $100 total for both Saturday Afternoon Tickets. Call Drew at 309-714-1361. I have tickets in hand and can ship out as soon as payment is recieved. Thanks Drew DeRiemacker


Chopper Driver Zaring Appears on ABC’s ‘Wife Swap’ Feb. 6

Jake Zaring, driver of the World Champion Dixie Chopper Pulling Truck, is put to a new endurance test when he and wife Debby appear on the reality TV show “Wife Swap” on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

The Zaring's, who reside in Fillmore, Ind., just a short drive from Dixie Chopper headquarters, are paired with the Tony and Corrie LaBrie family of Michigan in the “Wife Swap” episode that airs at 8 p.m. EST over ABC.

This is how ABC promotes the Feb. 6 episode: “This week in ‘LaBrie/Zaring,’ a wife whose obsessed, competitive truck-pulling husband hasn’t finished fixing the kitchen after seven years, swaps lives with a wife whose main concerns are her appearance and partying like a rock star.”

Each week on “Wife Swap,” two families with very different values are chosen to take part in a two-week long challenge. The wives from these two families exchange husbands, children and lives (but not bedrooms) to discover just what it's like to live another woman's life. It's an experiment that often ends up changing their lives forever.

The Zaring’s are a family of competitive truck-pullers. Debby, 47, and Jake, 46, both work two jobs, as well as running the family's cattle farm. Everything Debby does revolves around her husband. She works in a school cafeteria and runs a hairdressing salon, and Jake still expects her to run errands for him and deliver his lunch. In the Zaring home, Jake considers everything inside the house to be woman's work, and he doesn’t lift a finger -- even to finish the kitchen renovation he started seven years ago.

Dixie Chopper TruckJake is used to winning on the track and in life. Driving the Dixie Chopper pulling truck, Zaring captured the world title in the 6,200-lb. 4x4 Modified Truck Class last February at the World Championship Truck and Tractor Pull held during the 2007 National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville.

And competitiveness runs in the family: Kids Jordan, 19, and Izaak, 17, both juggle jobs and chores, as well as competing in dance and kickboxing competitions, and -- of course -- truck pulling.

They don't call him "Crazy Jake" for nothing. Zaring is constantly on the road for truck pulling, and he has missed big moments in his kids' lives -- like the birth of son Izaak. None of the kids has ever even had a birthday party. Jake's love of his trucks has also often overshadowed his relationship with Debby. They never take vacations as a couple, and 20 years after her wedding, Debby is still waiting for her honeymoon.

For "Wife Swap" this Wednesday, Debby leaves her life of diesel and rubber for Michigan, where rock and roll radio DJ Tony LaBrie and wife Corrie, both 34, reside. The LaBrie's are all about looking good, spending quality time together and living for the moment -- whether it's throwing parties for their friends or going out.

Corrie is a stylish, professional engineer by day and sexy rock chick by night. She calls herself "high maintenance" and spends an hour and a half every morning doing her hair and makeup. Tony does 95 percent of the domestic duties and treats Corrie like a queen, which gives her more time to pamper herself. Corrie says she's a laid-back mom, and daughters Tuesday, 15, and Hunter, 8, don't help much around the house, even if asked.

Tony married Corrie three years ago and finds his role as step-dad challenging, so he leaves the disciplining to Corrie and doesn't feel able to communicate with feisty Tuesday, who, instead of participating in sports or activities, spends her free time sleeping, texting and messaging in Internet chat rooms. Meanwhile, Hunter is learning to be an independent child herself.

In the first week of the swap in Indiana, it's Jake's way or no way, as Corrie works tirelessly and thanklessly to keep up with Debby's two jobs, housekeeping, running errands for Jake and catering Jake's truck-pulling competitions. She goes head to head with Jake about his priorities when she sees that he puts truck-pulling first.

Meanwhile in Michigan, Debby focuses on herself for a change, primping and getting her hair done for a LaBrie party night. She realizes that Tony and Corrie need to focus more on the kids, who have to look after themselves and lead very independent lives.

In the second week of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, all hell breaks loose when Corrie tries to shut down Jake's machine shop. Jake digs his heels in and breaks Corrie's rule changes. After Corrie fails to make Jake appreciate his family by asking him to fix Debby's kitchen and throw a birthday party for the kids, she walks out.

In Michigan, Tuesday storms out of the house when Debby takes away her cell phone and computer and replaces them with a wind-up baby. It's up to Tony to step up to the plate as a father and get Tuesday back.

At the end of the swap, when the families are reunited, will Debby confront Jake and make him appreciate her more? Will Corrie add more structure and responsibility to her kids' lives?

Dixie Chopper is one of the primary sponsors for “Team Lucas” and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League is owned by Lucas Oil Products and supported by several corporate business partners: R&L Carriers, Torco Fuels, General Tire, Summit Racing, K&N Filters, KC Hilites, Super Chips, Jim Beam, Fatheadz Eyewear, and Super Clean. In 2008 the series will receive over 60 hours of prime television coverage on cable sports giants ESPN2 and VERSUS. For more information log onto or call 812-216-4024.

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