DeLynn Kale Memorial Stickers


"In memory of long-time competitor DeLynn Kale, I'm making some stickers with the design pictured to place on vehicles for next season. I'm trying to figure out how many I'll need, they will be in the 3"x5"- 4"x6" range, and die cut around the oval shape. If you would like to place one, two or more on your vehicle next season, please e-mail me at b_jerew(at) or visit my website for more info at There will be a very small cost associated, but only to cover the production cost. Thanks, Brad Jerew, Wild Times Motorsports,"

NEW Tractor & Truck Builder!! **Tedder Pulling Performance**

We sell NEW "Banter designed" Gear-box/Cross-boxes, Stack boxes, Reversers, Couplers, Driveline, Driveline Shielding, Rearend hitch assemblies, Airplane Wheel Front End Assemblies and HUMPCO billett center sections.

Modified Tractor and TWD truck chassis builder
. Anything from chassis only to complete turn key pulling tractors.
Also building Supercharged Hemi and "Banter" Chevy pulling engines to your specifications.

We also have a Large quantity of good used Tractor Pulling Chassis, Tires, Parts and Components.

Consignment program: We advertise and sell your chassis, engines and parts.
Trade in program: Open to what you might have to trade. Just ask.
Payment / Lay away program: Make payments on our parts and services.

Everything we build, we learned from the greats: Jack Tedder, Ralph and Dave Banter

Scott Tedder
Tedder Pulling Performance
992 N. 1100 E. Marion,IN. 46952 765-517-1280

Video Bar...C'mon In and Have a Few

Jan. 9 The Tractor Pull, part 1The Tractor Pull, part 3The Tractor Pull, part 5 The Tractor Pull, 6th and final part NFMS Tractor Pull Tickets for sale: (2) Friday Night Feb 12 Tickets, Section 334, Row N. (2) Saturday Afternoon Feb 13 Tickets, Section 335, Row X. Asking $100 total for both Friday Night Tickets and $100 total for both Saturday Afternoon Tickets. Call Drew at 309-714-1361. I have tickets in hand and can ship out as soon as payment is recieved. Thanks Drew DeRiemacker


Tech Services Update


Question / Comment:

Hey Richwine

I see that you have screwed up yet another class, your 4.1 crap is another stupid thing. You and the so called "rule writers" have botched up again. Did you "know" that a BOX charger isn't 4.1? their everywhere from 4.151 to 4.165? And the exhaust side isn't 4.75..their more like 4.475 and NOT 4.750.

And another thing..your going to CHARGE for inspection? When will the blood letting quit??

So, Mr. Benius, what are you going to do??????? Tell us what are the specs for the LINITED PRO?


Mr. Happy,

Good to hear from you again. I actually thought you were sick. Glad to hear that your not. I hear you have some really nice "Skid Bars" on your tractor.

As for the Limited Pro Stock turbocharger,
No map ring, the turbo is limited to a 4.100 inlet (no map ring) with all inlet air passing through this restriction and a 4.750 outlet with all exhaust passing through this restriction. Both inlet and exhaust wheels must protrude 1/8 inch into the opening.

Note: Limited Pro Stock turbos will be inspected and sealed consistent with Super Farm procedures and cost.

As for the charge, each fully paid NTPA Super Farm and/or Limited Pro Stock Tractor membership will be allowed 1 turbo inspection at no charge during competition season. Each turbo inspection after the first will be charged $50.00 per turbo.

Remember Mr. H, I don't write the rules, I just try to enforce them and take the heat.


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