DeLynn Kale Memorial Stickers


"In memory of long-time competitor DeLynn Kale, I'm making some stickers with the design pictured to place on vehicles for next season. I'm trying to figure out how many I'll need, they will be in the 3"x5"- 4"x6" range, and die cut around the oval shape. If you would like to place one, two or more on your vehicle next season, please e-mail me at b_jerew(at) or visit my website for more info at There will be a very small cost associated, but only to cover the production cost. Thanks, Brad Jerew, Wild Times Motorsports,"

NEW Tractor & Truck Builder!! **Tedder Pulling Performance**

We sell NEW "Banter designed" Gear-box/Cross-boxes, Stack boxes, Reversers, Couplers, Driveline, Driveline Shielding, Rearend hitch assemblies, Airplane Wheel Front End Assemblies and HUMPCO billett center sections.

Modified Tractor and TWD truck chassis builder
. Anything from chassis only to complete turn key pulling tractors.
Also building Supercharged Hemi and "Banter" Chevy pulling engines to your specifications.

We also have a Large quantity of good used Tractor Pulling Chassis, Tires, Parts and Components.

Consignment program: We advertise and sell your chassis, engines and parts.
Trade in program: Open to what you might have to trade. Just ask.
Payment / Lay away program: Make payments on our parts and services.

Everything we build, we learned from the greats: Jack Tedder, Ralph and Dave Banter

Scott Tedder
Tedder Pulling Performance
992 N. 1100 E. Marion,IN. 46952 765-517-1280

Video Bar...C'mon In and Have a Few

Jan. 9 The Tractor Pull, part 1The Tractor Pull, part 3The Tractor Pull, part 5 The Tractor Pull, 6th and final part NFMS Tractor Pull Tickets for sale: (2) Friday Night Feb 12 Tickets, Section 334, Row N. (2) Saturday Afternoon Feb 13 Tickets, Section 335, Row X. Asking $100 total for both Friday Night Tickets and $100 total for both Saturday Afternoon Tickets. Call Drew at 309-714-1361. I have tickets in hand and can ship out as soon as payment is recieved. Thanks Drew DeRiemacker


NTPA Tech Udates.....New Rules for 2009

Some Interesting Rule changes that I am sure will be talked about all winter long!


All rules effective for the 2009 season unless otherwise specified


The 2 Magneto rule that was put in effect for 2008 deleted for 2009.


The stock crankshaft rule has been deleted.

Light SS

Intercoolers are only allowed on Diesel and OEM head alcohol tractors.

Heavy SS

GN: No intercoolers allowed in Heavy SS Diesel

RN: Any alcohol tractor with after market head will run at 8000 lbs. with a 19 inch hitch all other combinations will run at 8300 lbs with a 20 inch hitch.

Note: This is for a 1 year period with review at the end of 2009 season.

Limited Mini Rod

The engine limits changed from 472 to 500 cubic inches with super chargers limited to any 8-71 with a fuel pump limit of only one Enderle 110 allowed (pump gear length .862 X 1.350) driven at cam shaft speed,


1. Change Pro Stock cubic inch limit to 600 cubic inch in the year 2010.

2. Pro stock Turbo limitations use 4.6” max compressor wheel with NTPA sealed turbo in 2010


Change to limit of 640 cubic inches, P- pump with a 4.1 turbo through 2010, then 600 cubic inch starting in 2011.

Change weight to 9500 lbs.


RN: Turbine powered vehicles must remove all liquids and their tanks or containment devices i.e. sponges, wraps, etc. except for engine oil and jet fuel at the regional level with horsepower rating over 4000.

No fluids except for engine oil and jet fuel allowed being used or onboard vehicle.

GN: Allison’s at GN level are allowed to use electronic fuel injection.

New multi-engine gearbox shielding:

All crossboxes and/or multi-engine gear boxes are required to be minimum 1" billet

aluminum or 1/2" steel thickness around circumference of rotating gears. Any gear

box less than minimum specified thickness may add a steel strap radially 360

degrees and fastened within 1/8" of gear box to achieve minimum total

thickness of gear box. After achieving the minimum thickness the following blanket

must be used:

A blanket must wrap 360 degrees around the circumference of the crossbox or multi-engine gear box. The blanket must be 20 layers of Ballistic nylon or 15 layers of Kevlar with straps that wrap around the entire gearbox at least every ten inches. Blanket to be a minimum width of at least three times the width of the gearbox.

Note: The blanket shield does not apply to a single engine stack box or a Engler style gearbox where the engine sets 90 degrees to the frame. (like a 6 engine Petro tractor)

General Rules

1. No 2 wheeled motorized vehicles allowed as “Pit Bikes” or as support vehicles except for administrative personnel.

2. Maximum number of riders allowed on support vehicles not to exceed the number of permanently mounted seats on vehicle.

Pull Off

10. A ten-foot maximum floating finish line may be used at the discretion of the competition director and the Promoter. Extended boundaries must be clearly chalked. Competitors must be informed in advance of the start of the class. (This is an option for threatening weather and special situations.)

New number 12:

12. In a class larger than 25 entries, the 310 limit will be extended to 320 feet. Therefore, all vehicles will be red flagged if they exceed 320 feet. If three or more competitors exceed 320 feet, only competitors past 320 feet will come back in the pull off.

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