DeLynn Kale Memorial Stickers


"In memory of long-time competitor DeLynn Kale, I'm making some stickers with the design pictured to place on vehicles for next season. I'm trying to figure out how many I'll need, they will be in the 3"x5"- 4"x6" range, and die cut around the oval shape. If you would like to place one, two or more on your vehicle next season, please e-mail me at b_jerew(at) or visit my website for more info at There will be a very small cost associated, but only to cover the production cost. Thanks, Brad Jerew, Wild Times Motorsports,"

NEW Tractor & Truck Builder!! **Tedder Pulling Performance**

We sell NEW "Banter designed" Gear-box/Cross-boxes, Stack boxes, Reversers, Couplers, Driveline, Driveline Shielding, Rearend hitch assemblies, Airplane Wheel Front End Assemblies and HUMPCO billett center sections.

Modified Tractor and TWD truck chassis builder
. Anything from chassis only to complete turn key pulling tractors.
Also building Supercharged Hemi and "Banter" Chevy pulling engines to your specifications.

We also have a Large quantity of good used Tractor Pulling Chassis, Tires, Parts and Components.

Consignment program: We advertise and sell your chassis, engines and parts.
Trade in program: Open to what you might have to trade. Just ask.
Payment / Lay away program: Make payments on our parts and services.

Everything we build, we learned from the greats: Jack Tedder, Ralph and Dave Banter

Scott Tedder
Tedder Pulling Performance
992 N. 1100 E. Marion,IN. 46952 765-517-1280

Video Bar...C'mon In and Have a Few

Jan. 9 The Tractor Pull, part 1The Tractor Pull, part 3The Tractor Pull, part 5 The Tractor Pull, 6th and final part NFMS Tractor Pull Tickets for sale: (2) Friday Night Feb 12 Tickets, Section 334, Row N. (2) Saturday Afternoon Feb 13 Tickets, Section 335, Row X. Asking $100 total for both Friday Night Tickets and $100 total for both Saturday Afternoon Tickets. Call Drew at 309-714-1361. I have tickets in hand and can ship out as soon as payment is recieved. Thanks Drew DeRiemacker


Tomah...Sat. Nite!...Finally connected!

Young Blood 2 Wheel drive was test hook and took it out

Roger Simon on Simon Sez is up next with a distance of 277.9

Craig Nation on the Missouri Gambler T-Bucket…a lot of RPM but not hooking up
well…has rear end problems

Eatin Dollars and Blowin Smoke is the first LSS to hook…makes nice pass..272.2

Rob Paulsen…New Holland…Blue Can Fever…

Orange-gasim Twin Turbo 2wd bumps rev limiter a few times and wheel stands it to 284.7

Armed and Dangerous Case Ih MX255 pulls it out the end

Big Ed Red….smooth run on the Red Ironman sled moves into first at 295.6

Jeff Guza from Taylor, Wi on the 2-135 White with the Hercules motor goes to 251.6

Fatboy on the Ford 9600 goes just short of a full pull….305 or so….did not hook up well as he had to get out of the throttle to get it to hook up

Petro on Kathy’s Komplaint out the end

Marcus Wettleson from Iowa on the new Case MX full pulls it easily…2 turbo setup with HT-100 Holset on top…formerly Kevin Campbell motor with Terry Blackbourne head from out East

Jay Lerbs on the former Country Dude pulls up short of 250’

Dave Skinner twd 296 and change

Gary Wipf… Deere Fever II…bumps rev limiter early and does not hook up well and has to get out of it at around 275’

Fired Up Red T-Bucket blasts it to about 300

Red Kuhn with the Git er Done JD is too light on the front and starts bouncing towards the end…may have made a full pull or close if weighted right

Pack Rat vI gets close to a full pull….T-Bucket

Pack Rat Seven with 572 Chev Twd…almost identical pass and distance of Pack Rat VI

Al Koch on the Entertainer Allis D-21 has light front and gets out of shap and shuts it down at about 220’

Red Thunder with Chris Pichler at the wheel…On the rev limiter for a long time and looses momentum and comes up short around 295’

Brian Schaffer with the Bull Rush Ford sneezes at about 120’…had really good wheel speed!

Missouri Raider takes it to 305 and change
Dave Skinner still leading the class with 309.6 (TWD)
City Slicker IH gets it out just past 250’
Knapp’s with the Back Forty
Kevin lynn on the 504 Rocket stumbles a little at the start and it effects his distance….right around 290’
Red Menace has good pass on the Diesel and goes close to 295’
Full Throttle Deere on a sluggish pas goes about 275’
Ol’ Blue TWD takes it out easy
MM 670 of JD Hull run her out of power and sneezes around 260’
Chuck Lewis with Wild Horses has trouble and gets out just past 150
Shafted Twd takes it out to around 300’
Insanity with Larry Phillips has a hell of a pass and makes a full Pull! 316 or so
Mr Yuk…smokes the clutch and limps it out to a little over 150’
Black Magic III settles in around 295 or so
Roger Buss on the Happy Deere up next….nice pass around 260…rough start, but came around nicely
Stumme wth the Turbo T-Bucket gets a real good run just short of a full Pull….Nice Pass

Armed & Dangerous is just that…..303 in the Pull Off…Brian Korth driving the Mike Chizek tractor
Hang Time truck sputters badly and gets just over 250’
Wettlson with the MX up now……Blows it out the end big time….wow what a perfect pass..331.7…carried the front end perfect all the way.
Young Keilmeyer on the Beer Wagon gets close to the left side and has to get out of it.
Larry Phillips on Insanity makes a hell uv a pass too, but comes up short at 318….Great Class!

Show Time Chevy….crashes the middle banners around 265’ for a DQ
Eighty Acres..takes it real close to a full Pull……yep….full pull
Pack Rat V runs it out to about 290’
LSS Armed & Dangerous 3rd….Insanity Larry Phillips 2nd 2 nites in a row…..Marcus Wettleson from Iowa on the MX 190 goes from last to first from the previous night
TWD Pull Off
Dave Skinner ….just past 300….I think…trying to remember
Pj Simon on Ol’ Blue takes it out past 310 to 319

Real good crowd tonight and they are rambunctious as a guy from a few rows down has been escorted out….feel sorry for the guy, but kinda deserved it…anyway, we are definitely having a good time and the Bud Light is flowing freely!

TWD’s Dave Skinner 3rd……Eighty Acres 2nd……PJ Simon on Ol’ Blue 1st

Terry Jostock test puller..Goes out of bounds
Windows the block on one motor
Tim Howell from the Roberts Camp puts the triple turbine out for a full pull
Double Stuff just missed a full pull at 308.4
Bob Jostock takes it out to 288.8
Jeff Gunningsham (I know the spelling is not right)with after math and 5 motors….294.1

Bret Berg pops and starts on fire...around 200'....4 Hemis

Robert's Double Down is up and staging....comes out of the hole bouncing hard and shuts it down around 220'

Bruce Slaugh on "Show No Mercy" with 5 Sassey Hemis aboard takes it out with no problem...strong pass

Ulimited Mod Finals....

Roberts 3 turbine for 3rd......Bruce Slaugh and "Show No Mercy" for 2nd...Bill Vories on American Thunder takes the win

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